Is Shoreline Sanitation licensed and insured?
  Yes, we are, CT License #002261. In addition, we sit on the Board of Directors for COWRA (Connecticut Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association), are members of NAWT (National Association of Wastewater Transporters), Eastern CT Chamber of Commerce and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau.


  Do you have emergency service?
  Yes, we offer 7 day service if necessary. Call 860 434-0052.


  What shall I do with my small town recycling bin?
  Although you can no longer use it for curbside recycling, you can retain it for household use or return it to the Town Hall or the Transfer Station.


  What if my trash or recycle cart is stolen or damaged?
  We suggest marking your cart with your property address using an indelible marker or other permanent material. Report missing carts to Shoreline Sanitation and the Police. Damaged carts may be repaired or replaced. All decisions will be made by Shoreline Sanitation.


  Can I purchase an additional recycling cart?
  There are a limited number of extra carts available for sale. Please call Town Hall - 860 434 1605 ext 212


  How often should I have my septic tank cleaned?
  That depends on your usage. On average, we recommend every 4 years (more often if you have a garbage disposal). Take a look at our handy chart to see more specific information regarding cleaning frequency. Also, check your town's regulations for cleaning and paperwork requirements.

These estimates assume NO garbage disposal in use.
SOURCE: Penn State University Cooperate Extension Services


  Do I need to get a broken/missing baffle fixed?
  Yes. The inlet and outlet baffles help keep your septic tank working properly by keeping solids in the tank. The inlet baffle helps prevent backups into your house, while the outlet baffle prevents solids from passing through the septic tank into the leaching field.


  What are risers? Why do I need to have risers installed?
  Risers are extensions to the septic tank openings that bring them closer to the surface of your yard. You need to have them to make it easier (and cheaper) to clean your tank. If the access openings are more than 12" into the ground, the Connecticut Public Health Code requires risers be installed.

P.S. Time is money. Shoveling by hand to dig out the septic system opening takes time.



  How do I know if I need to have my septic tank cleaned?
  Hopefully you won't experience any trouble between pump outs; however sometimes a gurgling sound in the sink or tub could indicate trouble is brewing.


  My toilet and shower are both draining slowly. Could this indicate a problem with my septic system?
  This is one of the signs that it may be time to clean your septic tank. It could also indicate a problem with the plumbing from the house to the tank. Either way, Shoreline Sanitation can diagnose the problem.


  There is a wet spot over the area where my septic tank is located. Do I have a problem?
  It may be a serious problem, or if your septic tank was installed after 2000, it may be just a clogged filter.


  There are no records of my septic system at the town hall. Can you locate my septic tank?
  Yes we can. There are many ways available to us and we have all of the newest electronic equipment and locators needed. Remember, it is easier to find your tank before a problem occurs.


  My septic tank has an outlet filter. How often should I have it cleaned?
  Normally you should clean your filter with each pump out. However, we have found some households need to do it more often.


  Do you recommend using an additive every month to improve the function of my septic system?
  No. You introduce all of the beneficial bacteria needed to promote a healthy tank naturally. Unless you are in the habit of introducing strong chemicals or cleaners, your tank should function normally without any additives.


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