In addition to our septic system installation and repair services, we also offer septic system inspections. In fact, we were the first in the Shoreline area to offer camera inspections of septic systems and their major components to provide more accuracy and to lessen the damage to your yard. Our technicians have the expertse to find your problem quickly and accurately using the inspection cam, or even locate your tank using the latest electronics.

We can make the movie, but you'll have to make your own popcorn.

Pearpoint Video Equipment

  It's funny to think more water might be the solution to a clogged pipe. But high pressure jetting may be the answer to your problems. Our pressure jetter can clear pipes up to 10" in diameter using 3000 psi while delivering 12 GPM. This will provide enough punch to move the clog down the line and break it up entirely.

Shoreline Sanitation has the tools and experience that you need for water jet pipe cleaning if that's the cause of your septic system clog. Let us help you make the decision on which is the right course of action to take.

High Pressure Jetter

  Trees and shrubs can disrupt the proper operation of a septic system, when their roots block a pipe or component of the system. Shoreline Sanitation has the tool to fix the problem - high speed root cutters that ream the inside of your pipe free and clear of obstructions that are restricting the system.

First, we'll use our high-tech video camera to locate the problem and then we use the Spartan Root Cutter system to chew up the obstruction, restoring flow to the pipe and septic system. Chew it up and spit it out. All without major disruption and digging.

Root Cutter Head

  Shoreline Sanitation has the equipment needed to handle the problems of clogged catch basins - our new truck features large volume vacuuming along with high pressure high volume jetting coupled with a high definition self propelled on board camera.

First, we'll use our high-tech video camera if necessary to locate the problem and then clear the blockage with our other available tools, including the vacuum and/or the water jet. You should see this truck clean up the catch basins clogged from storm Sandy.

Call our office at (860) 434-0052 to schedule an appointmnt or if you have any questions.

Our newest truck!

  Sometimes, wastewater surfacing and plumbing backups are the result of your leaching field failing. A Soil Air system might be the correct solution for you, rather than re-construction. Soil-Air systems fundamentally change the leach field environment by introducing oxygen. A high pressure blower and a microprocessor based controller
Properly functioning system.
A leaching field may clog over time, leading to system failure.
  monitor the septic system, determining the aeration frequency which allows the microorganisms to thrive and reduce accumulated organic matter. A data connection means your system is constantly monitored for peak performance.
Soil-Air components are efficient & unobtrusive.

  • Long Term Solution
  • Rapidly restores proper function
  • Minimal disruption to lawn
  • Enhanced nitogen removal
  • Up to 70% cost savings over
         traditional replacement